Monday, September 15, 2008

Thou Shalt Not SWEAR!......or say naughty words!

So, did you know in the scriptures it says we, you, me, us should ..."swear not at all........." "hold your tongue....." So, I have been trying really hard when I get mad or frustrated NOT to let one little tiny BAD word come out of my mouth! Well, it's NOT working! I mean, good hell, sometimes there is nothing better than letting out a blue~streak of profanities to vent your mental melt down! :) Just Kidding!! hahhaaaaa!

Really, for FHE one night we decided that we all call too many names and say too many naughty know, like idiot, butt-hole (thanx Keith), retard, dip, dinkus, stupid....and so on..... WE decided to write all of our bad words on a piece of paper, put them into a jar and bury them away, NEVER to think about them or use them again! It has only been a couple of weeks, but we are doing awesome! Sometimes we slip...but, for the most part we just say .... "ugh" and walk away and sing our favorite song! Hopefully we can keep this up and put smiles on each others faces!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Alec wearing #7 ...due to a jersey mix-up! ....It was a Lucky #7! Alec had a great game!

Finally, football is in full swing! Between Alec and Kaden we are at practices EVERY night of the week and 2 games on Saturday! Well, actually we have been practicing for about 3 weeks now, but, the REAL games just started!

Alec's team, the TCU HORNFROGS, played ARMY. The HORNFROGS beat them 24 to 2. Alec plays running~back, strong safety, linebacker & wide receiver. He had some great "ESPN HITS" and ran a 50 yard TD. It was 96degrees and the humidity made it seem like 101!!! We had a lot of boys getting "heat-sick".....whew!!! about swum & swoob!! (thanx Tosh)!

Kaden's flag-football game was right after Alec's. His team is kind of pathetic....but fun to watch!
Most of the kids on his team cry if someone takes their flag or gets knocked out of bounds or falls down......Luckily there are a few tough kids who just don't care and just want to run with the ball! Kaden is sooooo funny....he tries really hard to listen and run the plays & get as many flags as he can...though, that is not EXACTLY the object of the game! hahaa! He does not cry he just puts his "game-face" on and gets tough!...(a little advice from his bro)! Kaden's team is the EAGLES. They played the COWBOYS and lost 28 to 0. ....but, they really did not even notice!!! Kaden did NOT even ask the fact, he said ..."I think we lost mom....did we?" I said ya but you guys looked awesome! He was good with that and was ready to go swim! hahahahaa!