Monday, April 20, 2009

In 3's?

Ok......crazy things sometimes happen...and they usually happen in 3's....right? OK, NUMBER 1: Jami, my crazy sister in Pennsylvania had her 3rd baby on Saturday, the 18th! She finally had a little GIRL! Lexie Lyn Vernon! ....she is very cute, looks like her brothers and has a serious 'attitude' like her mom...according to the nurses! She is a month EARLY and in the NICU for breathing problems. There is some kind of knicks or small holes or something in her lungs letting air escape into her chest cavity. I know, sounds crazy scary....but she is doing the 'same' not getting worse or better....apparently the nurses say whenever they 'mess' with her she gets all bent out of shape and ornery! hahahaa! Lexie is going to be fine....hopefully 'shakin' this thing on her own....but is stayin in the NICU for the next few days or so! Stacey, who lives about and hour and a half away....came to the rescue and has Jami's two little boys for the week! OK, NUMBER 2: This morning my mom was hit by a car while walking to her school. She had parked her car and was walking across the road to the school when a lady apparently did NOT see her and hit her. Mom was knocked to the ground, not sure why she didn't jump up or over the hood of the car??, .... and hurt. They took her to the hospital where they found she has a fractured knee! ouch! She is having surgery in the morning, but, is going to be fine! She was mostly upset bec she just paid a fee to change her plane ticket to Pennsylvania to see her new baby and was flying out on Saturday!!! Do you think the airlines will believe she got hit by a car? hahahaa! AND number 3: nothing has happened YET.....and Trisha's fridge quit working doesen't count! I'll keep you posted!