Sunday, March 22, 2009

CraZY BrEAk, B-daY & ViSitOrS!

We started our Spring Break out by shipping McKall off to Utah to hang with her friends. This, however, turned into an adventure by itself! She flew 'standby' with Dan, who was trying to get to Reno for the WACC and Taho skiing! ....however, they STAYED 'standby' for the entire day...about 12 hours.....and NEVER got to Utah that day! They finally got a flight to Cincinnati, where they stayed the night and then flew to Denver & on to Salt Lake City the next morning....which they ALMOST did NOT get on either!!! CRAZY! She finally made it last Friday and is having a great reunion party with her friends! ....Dan NEVER did make it to his final destination, RENO. He was bummed not to hang & ski with his friends....he had to fly home to Dallas and be with his wife! ya baby!
The weather has been fabulous here in Dallas....75-80 degrees! So we did a TON of yard work and landscaping projects! The kids really enjoyed this! NO REALLY! They were great helpers! We told them if they helped do yard & house projects for the first couple of days of break, then we would take them to play during the week! What awesome kiddies to help without whining or complaining!....well, almost no whining and complaining! hahahaa!
Trisha and Adrian got here on Wednesday! Ryann and I picked them up from the airport! It was a happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, reunion! No tears...just big smiles & hugs!
Ryann and Adrian fell back into their 'sister' mode immediately! They sang and played and laughed hysterically for 4 days!
They went to FC Dallas Youth Academy Soccer Camp, swam (every day), sold kool-aid, went to a movie, went shopping, ate out, played teacher, played soccer, rode bikes, sang, danced, drank chocolate, had tubbies, went to FC DALLAS's home opener against Chicago and cheered for Kenny Cooper, had nachos, watched fire-works, puked nachos and laughed and laughed and laughed!
Trisha and I laughed at the girls most of the time, but did find a few moments to ourselves to lay-out by the neighbors pool and catch-up on life!
We had a really great time just hangin out and relaxing. It felt almost as if we really haven't been gone for 7 months! Can't wait to see them again in a few months!

Our SWEET KADEN turned 7 during all this spring break fun! He was sooo excited to have Trish and Adrian here to celebrate! ...although...he said he really wished Tanner Watson would have come with them too! hahaha!
We had a fun day......Dan and I got up at 8a.m....we had to actually WAKE the kids at 9 to open presents! Kaden was sooooo excited! We got him this 'batman' action-figure that is almost as big as he is! He got some walkie-talkies, snorkel/pool toys, clothes, RC plane & a 'main-event' gift card from Nick & the Hendirx!
Kaden was oh SO lucky to have a professional cake maker here...this prevented him from having a 'lame' cake made/or bought by his mother! hahahaha!! Trisha made the cake and she made me frost and decorate! It was a baseball cake....just in case you can't tell from the pic!
After presents, Trish and Dan fixed crepes with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, whip cream, syrup & powdered sugar! We had our friends Aimee, Adam & their boys over was Adams B-day too! We then got ready and headed to Dave&Busters, this huge arcade game store/restaurant for a little competitive fun! hahahaa! After playing till we ran out of steam...we got some lunch & a treat in the mall & some Texas souvenirs for the Buttars.
We had a fantastic day with all our family and friends! Thanks guys!
Our spring break was friend-filled, fun, busy, crazy, productive, entertaining, loud, tiring & amazing!
Enjoy the madness!
Kenny Cooper....FC DALLAS MLS!
B-Day Boy KADEN!....& BatMan!The B-day party clan!Dave & Busters with Kaden for his B-day!Makin the birthday cake! Thanx Trisha!Bathing Beauties...with lilly-white legs! FC DALLAS Youth Soccer camp! Adrian & RY...'peace out' sellin 'sunny-D'...with no ice! hahahaha! we even had some takers!Fun at the Mall!Havin Chocolate!...our daily 'happy' juice!B-day morning fun! Rockets & Planes!