Sunday, December 6, 2009

ThANksGiViNG.... mom & dad visit! :)

The last couple of weeks have FLOWN by! I had some major surgery on the 17 of Nov (no, not a boobjob, tummy-tuck or lipo...hahaha, I wish)!, was 'out of commission' for that whole week, then my parents flew in for the Thanksgiving vacation! And NOW it's Dec 5th....crazy! Good thing I have a lot of my shopping done! :) .....anyway, things are great now, I have all my essential bodily functions back to normal and I am feeling like I could run a marathon! ;)
The Fam is doing fantastic! McKall is loving school, soccer, friends AND Texas! Alec is a great student and loving playing basketball for the Middle School and for a competitive league. Ryann is happy in school, sassy, and plays soccer like a little rock-star! Kaden is still a little devil, but, is doing great in school, playing on a basketball team, & making a ton of friends! Dan is busy with running the West and traveling, but always finding time to build a shed, throw the ball & help with homework...& these days....... cook & clean! hahaha!
Here is just a few pics of the last couple of crazy weeks!

checkin out the pool...brrrrrr! definitely TOO cold to swim!
atop the slide....cheesy!
Pics at the LONGHORN park....Pic after Thanksgiving dinner....we ate Texas Land And Cattle! Nothin better than making a new tradition...eating Steak for Turkey Day!
I think I got my obsessive cleaning habits from my father!!! He went on a 'cleaning' frenzy with my husband making us find the extension ladder and dust-rod!!! Thanx Dad!!! After eating out...we did put a turkey in & made rolls....Alec thought the Turkey "parts" were pretty gross!! FUNNY!!! Really????
One of our favorite events!! Seeing the place where JFK was assassinated...the little square window in the building on the left, one down from the top...where Lee Harvey Oswald was. The X on the mom & dads feet is where JFK was fatally shot from the FRONT....Pics of the assassination and 'theory' behind the 4 shooters....really GROSS pics from the day of the shooting! A visit to Southern Methodist University Campus....One of our favorite places!!

The GREAT & SPACIOUS BUILDING! Dallas Cowboys Stadium! WOW!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I am loving my crazy-busy life! The kids are keeping us running constantly and we love it! I don't think there is anything Dan and I would rather be doing right now than spending every second helping and supporting them! We go to practices and games 6 days a week...sometimes even 7! We spend hours figuring out homework and doing projects for school, we take lunch to them at school and vistit with their friends, we get up with McKall at 6:15a.m. & head to seminary, Alec too is up and we are off to the locker room at 6:45. Ryann's soccer is amazing and hard and intense.....she is so fiesty and shows on the field! Kaden is finally getting involved in sports and being 'pushed' by his brother to be a 'beast' on the field! .....hahahaha! Dan and I even find a spare moment or two to go to a party or to dinner! Life is short, so fill it with all the things you love to do .... and 'just do it'.......'be happy'.....and take A LOT of pics along the way!

Halloween fun...Alec (not in costume anymore)...with Christian....his "girlfriend" :) ....All the cheerleaders made Football Jerseys with their 'boys' on it! funny!
My two 'babies' :) ...Dead SWAT Officer & our ROCK STAR! Kaden, #25, WARRIORS! Kaden getting in on a tackle! Ryann up against one of the toughest forwards in North Texas...'yayua' ...Ry beats her! Another tough match up against a TOP team ...Solar...Ry gets the ball, but gets pummelled to the ground after! Alec, showin some GUNS with teammates from the Griffin Gators! Alec is on the ground with the ball....fumble recovery! Alec with his two GIANT friends from Pioneer Middle School....they also play on Alec's basketball team....Alec has some GROWIN to do! hahaha! These boys are 6foot & 6'2"...crazy! My cute McKall......:)Soccer with the Dynamos......they are 7 and 0 ! Family night....preseason Mavs vs. Cavs...nothin better than seeing SHAQ & LEBRON! Ya, and Luke Nevil, on the left of SHAQ...from Utah Utes! Another fun Family night....MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL at the new Cowboys Stadium! ...or what I like to refer to as 'the great and spacious building' ! Seriously!!!
Getting a 'first-class' ride from the parking lot to the Stadium.....(in the background)! We actually look like Cowboys Fans in this pic! hahahaha! GOOD TIMES!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Most of you know that Dan is traveling quite a bit with his job. He is over ALL the Argosy campuses in the West; Seattle, Washington St, California, Phoenix, Salt Lake, Hawaii..... to name a few. He gets to travel to all these locations and "work" :) Well, his last "work" trip to Hawaii, he decided to have a little more fun than usual! He didn't let me know till AFTER his little 'adventure' bec he did not want me to worry! ANyhoo.....I won't expound too much, just to say that he got really nervous on their way UP...but, was told it was too late! hahahahaa! SO ENJOY some of these amazing pics of my crazy 'workaholic' hubby, jumping out of a PLANE at 15,000 feet!!!