Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

I swear I don't know where time goes? Has it really been 3 weeks since I blogged last? Ya, sorry! Anyway, things are busy as ever! UGH!
WE actually got all of our Christmas stuff out the week of Thanksgiving. We decided since Thanksgiving was a week late this year, & we are heading EAST, that we should decorate early and enjoy! Although, it just does NOT seem like December and Christmasy...is that a word jami....?? ..when it is 75degrees outside and the kids are still riding bikes and wearing shorts! WEIRD!
The kids were great helping get lights outside on the bushes, our nativity out and the tree up and decorations on! Of course we had Christmas music blaring to make the mood just right..Dan was even singing along!...I'm sure it was because he didn't have to put ANY lights up this year!
I took a few pics of our activities, but I forgot to take a pic of McKall trying to make Gram Flo's awesome sugar cookies and frosting. She wanted to make them in Holiday shapes and have red and green frosting. The cookie making was fine, we followed ALL instructions and the dough was awesome! .....but, the first batch came out of the oven and they looked like pilsbury-dough-boys, huge, fluffy, thick....GROSS...& the frosting.....grainy,slimy...GROSS! ....guess we will have to try again to make Christmas treats! Maybe next time we will just stick with Choc Chip!