Monday, February 23, 2009

Ry's 9 !!!

Yesterday was Ryann's BirthDay! It was a bit 'low-key' due to the fact we had church and had to speak and give lessons...but, we made it HER day anyway! WE got up at 8:30 to do the most anticipated...'present' opening & picture taking....(this, was NOT McKall's idea of fun or sleeping-in....but, who cares??? It's NOT her day is it)! ...anyhoo, after we had fun opening presents and taking a bunch of cute photos, Dan made Ry's favorite.....Crepes!

Later that evening some neighbors stopped by for cake and ice cream & more presents!
Ry was queen for a day and got all the attention we could muster!

Here are 9 reasons WE love our RY RY!
1. Her attitude! spunky!
2. She can DANCE! oh, and it's 'beyonce' hahah!
3. She absolutely LOVES music! ....ya, she gets it from ME...ok, & McKall! She can sing ANY song and knows ALL the words & even some actions! hahaha!
4. Ry is sensitive & loving.
5. Ryann has a great imagination! She is constantly wearing someones high-heels, jewelry, make-up, dresses, and teachin/reading to the people!
6. Ry is funny! She is always making us laugh! Some of the things that come out of her mouth!!
7. Ryann is an athlete! You should see her ZHENO, MARIDONA & her 'off-ball-movement' !! She is aggressive and mean on that field! She is getting better and faster! We love to watch her! She can hang with her brothers too.......she can dunk the basketball jumping off the back of the couch......& tackle Alec to the ground when he is trying to 'juke' and 'score'...!
8.Ry loves to cuddle and tickle! No matter where we are she is always pushing her sleeves or pants up or lifting her shirt so we can tickle her back, arm, legs, face, name it!
9. Ryann is our curious one, always asking questions and wanting to know who, what, when, where, how, & why! Yikes! Sometimes she scares me with her 'inquiring mind' !
B-Day Treats at School!
Blowin out the 'candle'...where is Trisha when I need her??? The 'happy' morning birthday photo! McKall is sooooooo pleasant!Kaden....causing havoc with the 'hula-hoop'...shocking!Ryann's favorite gift...the 'hula-hoop' & 'Heely's' !Another "FUN" family photo! What sweet kids I have! hahaha!