Thursday, May 22, 2008

David Cook rocks!

OK, we all knew that David Cook was going to win right! He was clearly (in my opinion) the more "creative one" with his singing talent! I was going to take my kids to the movie last night but they decided they just wanted to eat dinner, go get Aggie Ice Cream and watch American Idol! ....What good kids! Mckall, Alec and I watched it together.....with Ryann and Kaden coming in every so often to annoy us all! After we all got done saying "shut-up" to each other we could enjoy most of the performers! My favorite part of the show.....besides George Michael :)...haha!
Was when the USC Trojan Marching Band and Cheer Squad enlightened us with their hoop-laa!
I too loved the quick-looks back to the try-outs when all the completly HIDEOUS performances made everyone pee their pants laughing...even Simon! Anyhoo....loved it! And NO I did not cry!


Julie said...

Awesome!! I loved the show last night. Both Davids Rock! Both are classy and talented and they will go far. But my favorite part was the Guitar Hero...cuz thats how I play it. In my skivvies!

Mandy said...

I was so happy too....and I'm glad you held it together adn didn't shed tears! :)

PetersonFam said...

JU....I did love the Guitar Hero ...Tom Cruise...look-a-like commercials!! Hilarious!
YOU play Guitar Hero in your skivvies? I would love to see that!

Tori said...

ha ha you knew david would win from the beginning...I haven't watched all of it yet but I did also love the sutar hero... that was hilarious!

jami said...

it's ok if you did cry. it just means you're sensitive and can show how happy you are for other people's success... :)

i'm with you sister - go cook go!!