Thursday, October 30, 2008


I've hit my PEAK! I'm in my PRIME! I'm SEXIER with my push~up bra and a few more "laugh~wrinkles"! I realize that it's time to burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear fancy clothes and NOT save it for a special occasion....bec TODAY is special! It's time to DANCE like no~one is watching....oh yea, I do that already!....and it's OK to embarass my kids! I know LIFE isn't fair, but it's still good! And there is NOTHING more rewarding than living it to it's fullest with my FAMILY! I'm NOT getting a boob~job, taking pole~dancing lessons or getting a job at Hooters...although it sounds FUN to Dan! I'm just going to keep living my incredible JOURNEY and hope there is MORE amazing, unforgettable, MEMORIES to come!
Speaking of amazing & unforgettable....last weekend was the BOMB! My SWEET husband ALWAYS comes through! He was stressed out for months about what to do for my 40th! But, somehow he planned the PERFECT weekend...and it was even a SURPRISE!
On Friday, we got all dressed UP. We went to a restraunt called III Forks, one of Dallas' BEST steak houses. I don't think we have ever had a fillet that good! YUMMY! After dinner, I was ready to go home and put the kiddies to bed......Dan instead took me to the Dallas Intercontinental Hotel...ya, the 14th floor suite! Talk about being SPOILED! We finally had ONE night to OURSELVES! He let me open 1 it was NOT a was a TAMRON LENSE for my Nikon! YA BABY!!!!!!!!!! He is definitely THE MAN! :)
On Saturday I came home to a decorated house and kids and neighbors with silly~string! I walked in the door and was attacked! Kaden had one of those air-horns and scared the crap out of me & then everyone was yelling and spraying me with silly-string! I laughed till I was crying and peeing my pants! It was GREAT!
The rest of my B-DAY was spent at soccer games and football....shocking I know! ALL of my cutest FRIENDS and FAMILY from home called and SANG and WISHED me well now that I'm an old fart! .......they ALL truly MADE my day! ....I think the only thing that was missing was a DIRT~HILL~CAKE from TRISHA!!!!!!!
I had a great evening previous, and a fun B-Day with my kids! .......I didn't know it WASEN"T over yet! .......the next morning our friends, Russell & Paige, picked us up at 9a.m. We were going to my FIRST NFL FOOTBALL GAME!!!! I was soooo excited! We even went in STYLE. Russell's company has a "party-bus" that they shuttle people to and from the STADIUM. It was seriously HILARIOUS! It looks like a "short-bus"....which would be totally appropriate for US!!! ..but, once inside.....the party begins! hahahahaaa!
We get to the game an hour or so early and just "take-in" the CRAZIES! Talk about FANATICS!
WE.. DID have our COWBOY ATTIRE ON, but NO face paint, beer, banners, horns or boots!
Our seats were on the 17th row in the corner of the end-zone. I loved being so close that we could hear the players! The GAME was more like a big SHOW....lights, cameras, fire, Randy Travis, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, Players, screaming crazy dressed-up fans.....FUN!!!!!!!
What a FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY! I LOVE 40! I love Texas! & I love my MAN!
My Lense!
Happy 40th poster!


Inside the DOME!
Dan's FAVORITE! He got out the BINOCS!!! hahahaha
Here come the COWBOYS! Field Goal!
Hand off to Marion Barber....He's THE MAN! Dreads and all! Look at the SIZE of these guys! T.O. is even BIG!

This is the trail of fans leaving Texas Stadium! This paking lot is full of Stretch SUV's and Limos....people comin & goin with STYLE! Like us! hahaha!


Becky said...

Happy Birthday, Steph! I am so glad you had a full weekend of fun. It looks great and now we will have even more great pics to see on the blog. Glad Texas is being good to you and especially your family.

jami said...

sounds like such a fun weekend! happy bday old lady ... just wish we'd been there to tag along!! :)

amberjill said...

wow you look great in silly string, even at your age!! :) what a birthday! i love your man, too. but not in the same way, but because he is going to help walter plan my 30th, right??

Julie said...

Wow, you really did get spoiled. Happy 40th. I am so happy you are loving Texas AND your man!! We love you!

The Peterson 5 said...

Happy 40th Steph!! Looks like you had a great birthday!!

Mandy said...

Great pics! I'm glad you had a great 40th and Dan really does pull through. He needs to give my man some lessons when those big milestones come! :) Remind him of that!
Can't wait to come visit!
Love ya...