Saturday, August 23, 2008


For the last couple of weeks we have had OLYMPIC FEVER! We have stayed awake EVERY night until midnight watching everything from equestrian (who knew that would be an olympic sport??) track to sand volleyball to swimming to basketball, to soccer to our favorite, womens gymnastics! My girls LOVED Nastia and Sean and Alicia! Our kids have cheered on the USA in all sports. It was fun watching the events all together. I mean, what else are we suppost to do here in our apt with no friends and 100 degree heat! It has been great family bonding!
Anyway, we were driving on the freeway here in Texas, on our way home from "down-town". Ryann, all the sudden yelled....."hey, hey it's Nastia and her mom in that silver car".... we all just laughed and said "sure, sure you can tell"!....So, to please Ryann we slowed down and a silver Mercedes came up right next to our truck. Sure enough it was Nastia and her mom. My kids rolled down their windows and waved and said did Mckall and I. Nastia and her mom waved back and were laughing at US....these over-excited people with Utah license plates....!!

Pretty COOL! Fun to have a GOLD MEDAL OLYMPIAN living down the street! Maybe one day one of our little athletes will achieve that status!


jami said...

ok, that's totally cool! :) and my favorite is that ryann was the one to see them! never doubt her!! :) xoxoxo

amberjill said...

that is awesome!!

Tori said...

That is waay cool, I think I remember someone saying something about her being from Texas...!!!

TamiJenson said...

Congrats on your new house. I think you should enjoy it. I hope all your kids are adjusting well. It was weird to be at Brackens football game and not see you with your camera and your little kiddos running around. Good luck!! Tami