Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where Does the time GO?

SHEEEESE! It's only been a little over 2 months since I have been on my BLOG! I feel bad I have not kept up with my posts...but, you know how time seems to just FLY by and all the sudden your kids are back in school and you don't know where ALL your summer went!!!! :)

Anyhoo...I guess that is what happened to me!
Summer was fantastic, full of fun, sun, travel, friends and family!
August was a complete blurrrr!!! McKall turned 15 (yes, I'm that old)!.. & the kids all got back into sports and practices and crazy schedules!
It is now Sept 3, we are 1 week into school and going full throttle! :)
I have to say that I have never been really SAD when I put my kiddos on the bus for their first day of Kindergarten or Middle School....I was just excited for them....and ME!..... BUT, this year, when I took McKall to High School....I was kind of teary! ...She was a little nervous,( but who isn't their 1st day of High School)!?? AND there are 1,300+ freshman in her class!!! WOW!!! It's not like Logan High where she knows everyone and has Tosh to look up to and take care of her! But, McKall is amazing, tough, funny and crazy! She had a great first week and is now just trying to adjust to her schedule!
OK, enough babble....I will just put some pics of summer and the start of school and sports and fun here in Texas! Love Y'all!
McKall is 15!!!
Fun at Bear Lake

Cutlar with the BUTTARS! I think our favorite thing EVER!

RyRy...3V3 Tourney in Austin! 2nd Place!

Ry played with the Samba Zehnos while we were in Utah! Fun to play with all her old friends!

First Day of School! Ry 4th, Kaden 2nd, Alec 7th, & McKall 9th!!

Fun in the RyRy posing like a movie star! hahahaa!


Becky said...

It's hard to believe McKall's in high school and such a big high school. She is very up to it I'm sure. Your summer looks like lots of fun. Glad we got to see you too. Sure hope the weather is cooling off for you Texans so you can enjoy that pool

The Peterson 5 said...

It was fun to see you guys this summer! Your kids are so cute....Libby always says she wishes your family lived closer!

amberjill said...

Ry cracks me up! All of her faces! I also loved that Kaden was covering his boobies! hahaha Your kids crack me up! I still can't get over your hair. So cute!

Julie said...

What did McKall get for her birthday? I couldn't read it! I love the pics as always. And we miss you and I can't wait to swim in that pool and hug you guys in October.

The Petersons said...

Fun summer pic. Thanks for sharing some time with us. How about some Peterson pic on the blog

jami said...

time does fly - and it's about time you posted!! :) if you'd stop your celebrity 2 hour workouts then you'd have time to post and keep us more updated. :) hehe

i love the pics (except the bear lake photo of us. seriously? could you have picked another one? :)) i can't believe mckall is in high school. wow. hug your kids. i miss them - and you too! xoxo