Wednesday, April 9, 2008

BaSebAlL aNyONe?

If you are wondering why I never have time to update my's because I am constantly at another GAME!!!

This time we were in Twin Falls Idaho and the GAME is BASEBALL!!! Alec's team played 4 games. They WON only 1 got killed only one and the other two were actually exciting close one's! I think Baseball is my LEAST favorite. However, I do still enjoy cheering and taking pictures for the team!

This last weekend was terribly in the 30's and the wind chill making it seem even more frigid! I felt bad for the boys playing..they were jumping up and down and drinking hot-chocolate and wrapping up in blankets between innings! Anyhoo.....we had a fun time staying at the hotel, swimming, eating out and cheering at the games!

These next few pics are some great shots of "ball-calls", missed pop-fly's, and should-have-been-out's......oh, and great facial expressions!



Tori said...

Those pictures are awesome!! Sorry about the run of bad weather but it looks/sounds like it was a fun time!

Julie said...

Wow, you really are the best photographer I know. I love ball games, but our lives are insanely busy now. Way Fun!!

Becky said...

Wow looks great. I love your action shots. They are really fun. Good job Alec!

jami said...

what great photos! nice going steph!! when i grow up i want to take pictures like you ... :)

isn't it funny how we spent our childhood at the ballpark, and here you are again? crazy crazy. :)

amberjill said...

We loved the pictures, but we can't read the writing, it is too dark for the background. Old people, I know. Great shots and way to go Alec.