Tuesday, April 15, 2008

SoCceR sTarTS!

The SnOw FINALLY melted off of the playing fields last week! But, we were NOT able to play any games because the fields were too wet and muddy!...SO, we started this week and are making up 3 games from the previous week! ;) And what is better than statrting off with a WIN against these MoNStEr 15 yr olds!!! Mckall played way aggerssive and scored 2 of the three goals! Mckalls team won the game....3 to 2. It was exciting to see all the great foot work and aggerssiveness of the girls!

This was Mckall's 1st goal...she had a sweet breakaway and ran 3/4 of the field length to score! She was even tripped (sorry the pic was a bit out of focus)... she recovered quick, got control and scooooorrrrreeeeeeddddddddddddd!!!

Mckall was the defender in this pic...she saved this goal!

This is Emily Davis, their goaleeeeee!! She is awesome and has some seriously LONG LEGS!


jami said...

wow! go wogger!!! .... man. where do you find time to do anything?? running here and there and baseball and soccer and wow... :) you are super-mom! :) when i grow up i'm going to be like you!
love you ... thanks for the fun pics! wish i could have been there to cheer!!

Julie said...

I really really really want watch McKall play.