Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I LoVe AmERiCaN IdOL!!!

Ok Y'all, (notice i've got my Texan accent goin already)... did you watch AmEriCaN IdOl last night?.... LOVED IT!
Can you believe they had that "hoochie-mamma" Mariah Carey be the "artist of choice" last night....well, me either! ;) hahahaha!!

Anyhoo, as far as the Idol's go, I really think it will come down to the two David's! David Archuleta was fantastic as usual. The judges absolutly love him and so does everyone else. Like Paula said ( "David you could sing the phone book and we would think it was incredible").... NOT that I think anything that Paula says is even credible....but, she is right on this one! .....( I actullay think Paula is on CrAcK or a bit LiquOrEd up at every show...she just babbles like an Idiot....and says "your a star...or you are brilliant".....WHATEVER PAULA!!! ) :)

David Cook was absoulutly phenomenol AGAIN last night! He has the stage presence already and the unique creativity of a talanted "rock-star"........the only thing I like about him better than David Archuleta is his maturity....he is a bit sexy!!!

I think Carley her voice but she will NOT win. I think Brook is at best "fair"...and Christie...YUCK!......The cute black girl....what is her name????...she has a great voice but will NOT win either. And Dread-Lock-Boy....I don't mind him but he is not ExCePTioNaL!

So, there is my IDOL crituque! Hope y'all enjoyed it and hope you were all lucky enough to get to watch and vote!


Tori said...

I loooooove idol and enjoyed mariah night more than I thought...well the guys did better than the girls... I agree with you that it is going to be the two Davids in the end.

amberjill said...

you are so funny!! but i have to agree. now that Kristy Lee is gone, it'll be more enjoyable. She was starting to improve, but really, she couldn't get much worse! hahaha I think Brooke might be next. She needs to go home to her husband and the security that comes with him. I just think she's had enough, although I have enjoyed watching her. Hey, could you email me some of the pics you took sunday. that'd be awesome! thanks

jami said...

ok. let's all be honest here. it's going to be david cook, hands down. archuleta (no offense) doesn't do anything original. he can sing - his voice is great, but in terms of doing fun things, doing creative things with his music, i haven't seen it - since "imagine" ... so. it's cook all the way!! :)

jami said...

ps- your hair is really cute! been to see darrick, huh? :):)i'm SOOO jealous! i just BARELY found someone i like to cut it, but i don't quite dare do a color yet ... thank heavens i'm heading back soon!! :)

Julie said...

Excellent Critique. YOu gotta learn their names though. David Cook has it. I about died when they put him in the bottom three as a "funny" joke...blah. I love that show.

Mugsy said...

Ok so i had to come look at your cute Blog. Jami's my BFF ever since she moved to N. Ogden and now I totally have to see her cute familY. Hope you don't mind the lurking.. Your family is so cool!!! Meg

jami said...

ok steph... the new blog page/background is SOOO cute! you and mckall have changed yours and i really like it ... fun fun ... and don't be scared. megan is one of my favorites, so you'll be glad she's "lurking" on your page ... :) you should lurk on hers and see her adorable family!