Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Have you ever had friends who you LOVE sooooooooooooooooo much that you consider them FAMILY? Seriously! The Butterfilds are our MoST bEstEsT fRieNDs!

Dave is this CRAZY, wild~hair~Republican, music connoisseur, Alaskan Heli~skier!, Ornery~Attitude, speed~demon water skier, bishopric leader, passionate soccer~dad/coach, emotional/big~hearted guy!

Trisha is also CrAzY...but, NOT crazy enough to show me her butt-crack for a pic! She is a rigid~schedule keeper (unless I try to "shake" things up a bit)!! ,house project/interior designer, aLmoSt "enthusiastic" soccer mom, awesome downhill/water skier, USU special-ed instructor (being a bit "special" herself helps)!, primary partner, organizer extraordinaire, diet~coker, mother/wife of the year, AND most lovable,fun,sincere best Friend!

We are going to miss them sorely when we are gone in a few weeks! What are we going to do without them? I guess we will be planning a lot of trips back to Logan! Love you Buttersons!


PetersonFam said...

That picture of daves butt is very inapropriate to put on your blog!!!! I am appalled!!! How embarrassing!!!

McKall said...

by the way...the comment above is from mckall

jami said...

it's so nice to have friends. that is the worst part of moving -- leaving family (the biological and the friend) kind behind - but i always say "true" friends are your friends forever ... doesn't matter how far away you go. :)