Monday, July 21, 2008


Last week our cute U9 ZEHNOS played in their 1st competitive league soccer tournament! The girls were soooo cute in their new uni's and with their "bags"!!! The first game was against the home team Rampage #1, we whooped them 15 to 1 (& the one goal was off of our player)!! The second game was against another Rampage team, we put the hurt on them too!!! ....11-1. Then the 3rd game we got the chance to play La Roca, from Layton, they were amazing, like us, just a little more experience. We lost to them 9 to 2....ya, ouch! Our 4th game was against ANOTHER Rampage team and we BEAT them 9 to 1. This put us in the CHAMPIONSHIP game against La Roca! The coaches had a little different stratagey for this game.... MORE DEFENSE! The plan did work but the ladies~in~red were still scoring against us. At half time the score was 3 to 1 for La Roca. The second half we did a lot better, more aggressive and more bodying~up!!! We scored 2 more goals (by my sweet Ry...gettin the give-n-go down)!!!!.....but, lost 6 to 3!!!!!
It was an awesome game and we could not have been more PROUD of the girls EFFORT!! For our 1st games together and our 1st tourney....we were incerdible!!!
What an awesome experience and education we are having with Morgan and the Zehnos!


jami said...

so sad i'm not there to cheer and scream along side you!! way to go ry!! :) xoxoxoxo

Mandy said... are quite the soccer stud! Are you playing again before you leave so I can come watch???

Becky said...

Congrats and thanks for sharing your post with my blog world. I think it was a great surprise to many of us.

Julie said...

It's good you got this post back home!! Nevermind watching Ryan play...I wanna play against her so I can watch her kick my trash!!