Tuesday, July 1, 2008

WhEre Did JuNE gO?

Ok, I know I have been a total slacker on my blog...but does anyone REALLY care? The last time I posted was the end of May. Since then, we have been busy PLAYING!...& Even though the weather did NOT feel like summer for the better part of June...it was still time to PaRTy!

My sister Jami was here for a few weeks with her boys. It was fun to see them & to hang a little with my little sis! We did go shopping one day, Me, my mom, Mandy & Jami....it was the same old thing....shopping for what about 2 hours and then Jami was DoNE.....so we did lunch and laughed a lot at each others misfortunes and shortcomings! We can be so ruthless sometimes! Mandy and Jami had to remind me of my potty-mouth and party-days and how they thought I was going to hell! Why do they have to be so judgemental???? Like THEY were angels!?? ya right! They just had a different kind of fun.....you know, orange jello, rook, rOoTbeEr, bArbiES!

Dan came home from TEXAS for a couple of weeks and we have been having a ton of together time! The kids can't get enough of him! Neither can I!! ;) he got home just in time for his Birthday on the 23rd! the kids picked out his presents this year.....a Smoothie maker and the new UnderArmor Crosstrainers! We all went to lunch and then out to CuTLeR for some serious WaKEboArDinG!!! That night we had a little fire in our fire-pit, roasted smores and watched the sky for shooting stars! We talked a lot about moving and how hard...but FUN and EXCITING this new change is going to be!

ANyHoO....This past month has FLOWN by and now it is JULY 1st!!! I can't believe it! Dan will be leaving on the 6th to go to Chicago for a week. He will comeback for the Bees Game at Franklin Covey on Sat the 12th. Alec and his baseball team get to go out with the players in their positions for the national anthem and then get to throw out the 1st pitch! They did this last year and then got the tour of the stadium....it was VERY COOL!

We will then be getting ready for the biG move! YIKES!!

OKEEDOKEE...here are a few pics of our recent FUN!


Julie said...

Happy Birthday big bro! Did he get my text?? Looks like you guys are having a blast. Of course everyone cares if you don't blog. I love reading about all the fun your having. I know we don't see you guys much but I am so sad your moving. Plan on a visit from us. I hope you are getting a huge house so you have room for our little Train Wreck. We love you!

Mandy said...

It's about TIME!! Of course we care when you don't blog....I know you've been having too much fun since Dan came home, but get your priorities in line! :)
We're glad you're here a little longer....we don't want you to move!!!!
I love the pictures....
happy birthday old man!!!

Becky said...

I noticed and missed you this month. I am glad you have had so much fun. Thanks for taking care of my daughter and letting her have clean clothes. It is so nice to have family around when you are settling in on your own. We are going to really miss you.

jami said...

wow ... welcome back to the blog world. :) i did miss you ... :) and i wasn't the only one who was done shopping after 2 hours! :) who was the one who had to hurry back?! :):)

anyhoo ... i love you ... i love your family ... i loved being there and spending time and playing with your kids and having them play with mine. xoxoxo