Wednesday, May 20, 2009

FuN StUFf!

Last week was a great week! Our awesome Alec turned 12! He had a fantastic B-day party with a bunch of friends and then his grandpa Leish and his grandparents Peterson came in on the weekend !! Grandpa Steve has the same B-day as Alec so we had to do a little celebrating together! Alec was also ordained and set-apart on Sunday! What a neat day for him! Having two priesthood holders in our family now is pretty cool! Alec is getting so big....well, to me anyway... compared to some of his friends that you will see in the pics he is still a 'little' boy! hahaha! We are proud of Alec's accomplishments academically, spiritually and physically this year! He is really an AMAZING KID!
Enjoy some of the pics of our awesome weekend!
Birthday morning...before school!
Alec and a couple of friends, Matthew & Stone....jumping in!The B-Day Crew!
On Saturday, our friend Russell Robertson, gave my dad the 'exclusive' DALLAS tour....We saw Dirk Nowitzki's house, THE Jerry Jones Mansion!, All of down's finest, the new Cowboys Stadium, Texas Rangers Stadium and everything in between! Then he took us to his FAVORITE mexican/elsalvadorian restraunt (Glorias) was AMAZING!
Dad being crazy & braving the slide with the boys!Hot-tubin with the Petersons!
Birthday cheesecake from Alec's favorite....THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY!

The LONGHORN Park....Scary! Holy WHite Boy!The NEW COWBOYS STADIUM! Pictures do NOT do this structure justice! It is seriously MASSIVE!


amberjill said...

your kids are growing up way too fast, and your hair is getting so long! (so cute, btw!) it just doesn't feel right!! i guess it's time for a trip to Dallas!! :)

jami said...

wow. it looks like so much fun. i'm so proud of alec too ... what a great accomplishment. i'm glad his grandpas and gma peterson were there to celebrate with him and be there for his ordination. very cool ... i love the picture of all of you together. wish i was standing in the back! :)

ps-seriously funny shots of dad in the pool. you are right. he's a total kid!! :)no wonder the grandkids love him like they do!! hehe

Julie said...

I so so so miss you guys! Happy Birthday big Al! I am planning a trip in October to Texas and I plan on swimming in your pool!