Saturday, June 6, 2009

CaTCh Up!

So much has happened in the last few weeks! Soccer, baseball, basketball ...end of year tourneys, School achievement awards, last day of school parties, memorial weekend trip to Possum Kingdom Lake! ........since I am a photography maniac....I have taken a TON of pics of all of these happenings and cannot fit them ALL in one, for now here is our Memorial Weekend Trip to Possum Kingdom Lake!

The Road Trip 2 hours South West to the Lake! Our first trip to a lake in 10 years WITHOUT a boat! WEIRD!
Matthew and Alec, two peas in a pod!
Nick, Matthew's brother, Kaden and our 'movie-star' Ryann!
Our Lake house! It was not the 'plushest of accomidations' but it worked! It was right on the lake and you can see the CLIFFS in the background....with lake homes all around. Our sleeping arrangements, NICE...6 bunks down and 6 bunks Up in the loft! hahaha!
There were about 12 families, 2 families to a lake-house. It was really fun to hang around the fire at night and chat and smore! What do you do if you're at the lake and you don't have a boat? You FISH of course!
The Cliffs reminded us a little of Lake Powell....except these cliffs had homes all over them! And NOT small homes either! Homes with Heli-pads and BIG boats!
One of those NOT so small homes on the Lake! equipted with it's heli-pad and house boats! There was also a huge pool on the side of the home. Another neat Lake-home....this one with 2 sweet boats!
We went on a plontoon-boat ride to Hell's Gate (the opening in the cliffs) we hiked about 1/2 a mile up to the top and looked over the lake! It was awesome!
Alec and Matthew, doing what they did ALL day for the 2 days we were there! Football, Football, Football!

Fun times! New friends! .....but, now we just need the boat and a Lake house! Maybe next year!


Julie said...

looks awesome!!

Elise and John said...

Wow looks like so much fun! I always wanted a lake house, now i want one even more, wouldn't it be awesome? And Ryann is quite the moviestar! Cute pics!

Mandy said...

Looks like fine....I'm sure it won't take you a year to get a boat!

jami said...

very fun ... i love the football pics of alec and his friend. nice job!